What is Guerrilla Marketing? | Explanation, Importance & Benefits

Published By: Raven DigiMark Published On: 10-05-2017
Guerrilla Marketing Ideas

Business competition is all high nowadays, with the increasing number of competitors, the need of Guerrilla Marketing is in demand by various business enterprises. Audiences are used-to with the traditional marketing techniques, so there is a high need to think in some better way to grab their attention; this is where guerrilla marketing came into existence.

What is Guerrilla Marketing all about?

Guerrilla Marketing is all about broadcasting your product and services in a more clear and concise manner. It is best suited for small business, which are willing to promote their product and services, but have less budget in-hand.
Guerrilla Marketing can be simply defined as an act of executing unusual marketing tactics for promoting your business in an unconditional way by incurring fewer budgets.

This concept was forged out by Jay Conrad Levinson in his book "Guerrilla Marketing" published by Houghton Mifflin, late in the year 1984. It requires high energy and focused imagination for grasping customer's attention giving a more memorable experience. It is entirely based on the concept of "Investing energy instead of money".

Transition from traditional marketing techniques to online and electronic media, gave birth to Guerrilla Advertising. Traditional Marketing techniques involve print, radio, television and direct mails, whereas Guerrilla is all about new strategies, for making big impression to create buzz all around your brand & product being marketed.

Importance of Guerrilla Marketing for Small Business:

As big businesses own relaxation from government, high technology, and an already established position, results into the failure for small business, and their number increases drastically. Small Businesses, also lag due to some shortage of money and don't have huge resource to invest in marketing; their Guerrilla Marketing comes into account and act as proven action for small businesses success around the globe. It doesn't ask you to spend lots of money, instead it asks for time, energy, knowledge and imagination.

Guerrilla Marketing was originally coined for Small Businesses, but big business enterprises too can't escape from this ideology. Since Guerrilla marketing is a practice which involves unpredictable ways for promoting and increasing engagement with product and services, it thus become more memorable and produce a bigger impact.

What good it can do for your business?

  • It helps in improving customer base by implementing surprising and innovative tactics, for attracting new customers, and urging old ones to buy again.
  • Try to think as vast as you can to achieve goals. You may collaborate with a business that target same customer as you does.
  • Traditional Methods of marketing involve abundant of money, which is not the case of Guerrilla Marketing, it requires low cost or sometimes even no cost.
  • A victorious Guerrilla Marketing campaigns, gave a unique and memorable experience of your business, to customers, lasting in their mind for longer duration.

  • At the same time it is important to note, while advertising, mysterious message could be misunderstood, i.e. if your message lacks in clarity it could skew customer's interpretation.
    Just surprise your customer, make an imprint in his mind, and acquire the results. Any business can use Guerrilla marketing unconventional techniques to attract customers new or old to make profit. It let your business stand out of the crowd and be successful with fewer budgets.

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